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Male Strippers

Thrill the Bride to Be with the Sexy moves of a Male Stripper! Hire a Hunk to strut his stuff and make her blush.  Strippers strip down to a G-string for a hot 20-25 minute performance.

Have you considered our Wonderful Bare Butt Butlers ?….2 guys for 2 hours for almost the same price 😉

Male Strippers

"I’m so happy you messaged me for feedback. This Bachelorette was like Bachelorette gold! The best Bachelorette I’ve ever been to. I literally organized the best Bachelorette ever! Your team is incredible! Everyone raved about your Bare Butt Butlers. They were the sweetest guys ever, such sports, absolutely loved, loved them. I’d use them again in a heartbeat. Leesha was so amazing and stayed after the Please & Tease presentation, to help when the power went off. Matt the stripper was amazing and made us laugh and is very, very Nice, to look at. I was like “my god!” Yoh! He was the cherry on the cake. We had the best, best time! Really no regrets would use you guys in a heartbeat and recommend you to anyone. I wish I could plan another Bachelorette because I had so much fun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You guys were unbelievable, professional, fantastic, amazing, no other words to describe."

Angie Brazo

"Just want to say thank you very much for organising the stripper for us. He was great fun together with all the goodies I got from the online shop, the party was a great success. I will definitely contact you with any future parties."


"Just some feedback; The Bachelorette party went off like a dream!!! Everyone commented on our banners, tablecloths, balloons, swizzle sticks etc. The Belly dancer was truly amazing and a great time was had by all! The stripper.........Oh my soul!!! He was gorgeous and had the ladies screaming like loons! He was exceptionally professional and really pleasant. Both the dancers come highly recommended. Thanks for all the support!"


"It was absolutely brilliant! We all had so much fun and the Dancer was very nice and professional! Thank you guys so much, I'm definitely referring you to everyone I know! Once again thank you so much!"


Matt – JHB

Chad – JHB

Our Male Solo Show is a 20-25 minute fully choreographed show, and performed to the Dancer’s own professionally edited music. There will be interaction with both the bride as well as her guests.

Tips to make your strip show a success at your venue:

Please make sure that you have the following available for the dancer.

  1. A change room/preparation area, preferably near to the performance area.

-Enough room to dance at least 4 square meters in size, with enough light to see.  It’s helpful to have the Bride/Birthday Girl near the middle on her own chair.

  1. A glass of water (plastic cups are better)
  1. A chair to use in the performance a low armless chair dining room chair or an ottoman (NOT tall bar stool)
  1. Sound system, the louder the better. It needs to be (louder than screaming girls 🙂
  1. Keep the special lady conscious. Get her tipsy, keep her happy and able to enjoy her show and remember her evening.
  1. Timing – If you plan on leaving directly after the show to another venue. Give at least an hour for the show, it takes about 15 minutes to set up, then 25 minutes for the show, then 15 to pack up, and maybe 15 mins for the guy to mingle and take any pictures the girls might want.
  1. Pets – Please restrain or lock away any pets during the performance. Loud noises and fast movements might cause them to behave unpredictably.