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Toy & Lingerie Party

Nice & Naughty Parties

The Most Fun and Affordable way to Entertain any group of Ladies! To have the laughter roaring while also learning, hire one of our party presenters to bring a collection lovely lingerie and fun adult toys.
It’s an entertaining and tasteful presentation of products, giving all the opportunity to see and touch the many wonderful items before purchasing. Get your girlfriends to purchase their gift for the Bachelorette from our really great, well-priced selections to help her prepare for a Nice & Naughty Honeymoon.
Get a baby-sitter and invite all the fun loving, free spirited woman you know. Now you and your girlfriends can buy and try all those fun bedroom accessories you haven’t been able to get without going into one of those dodgy little corner stores.

The fun really does go on for weeks after the party, as the girls share stories about their new purchases. So be sure to warn your friends about the presentation and to bring some extra cash or their card to avoid disappointment. It’s true female bonding as well as lot of excitement for the Guys when the Girls get home with their sexy outfits and toys.

This also improves everyone’s relationship at home as they try new and exiting things to keep the passion and intimacy alive and kicking. You cannot beat our price range and variety of products! Stock available for purchase at the party. Entertainment and shopping brought to you!

We do couples parties too, so you can invite your partners.

Parties last approximately 90 minutes, depending on the number of ladies.

Just a few items from our great selection of Nice & Naughty display.
Our entertaining Nice & Naughty Parties are tailored to suit Bachelorette Parties/Kitchen Teas, and are not just a toy selling service.  We do however have lovely products at the MOST affordable prices, which  you can take home on the night!
  • R900Passion Package
  • Nice & Naughty
  • Bride receives a Voucher

    Includes a entertaining game and the winner receives a prize!  Minimum of 10 people are required.

    A travel fee will be charged according to your area.

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"The Bachelorette went very well. Ulanca did a great job making us all feel comfortable right from the start so that we could really enjoy ourselves. She even managed to sell a Rabbit to a very conservative bride-to-be. Thank you for accommodating us on such short notice. I really appreciate it and my sister-in-law had a blast.Thanks"


"I can honestly say we all had loads of fun which was more than we expected. All of us have experienced a Naughty & Nice party before , however your presentation blew us away. We could not believe the amount of goodies you have as well as the lingerie for all shapes and sizes. I am very happy to say that my boyfriend thinks I look sexy and beautiful in the black number I bought from you. He was so excited and it made me feel wonderful and very beautiful. Thank you for helping me make it a day my friend will always remember."


"I love the parties that you guys present, especially Ulanca. She was really awesome. All the ladies loved it, I only use you guys because it is always interesting and such a good laugh.Thank you again."

Jacqui Jubber

"The Nice & Naughty Party was such a hit - Thanks so much for the special attention you paid to the Bride and the lovely signature card, she will treasure it."