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Party Platters

Bachelorette.co.za is committed to making your party planning as easy as possible.

All your party needs taken care of on one comprehensive web site.
Snack platters are the quickest way to cater for your guests as they arrive to celebrate.

Please note: a minimum orders of 2 platters is required for our Professional Caterer to prepare your order. Platters need to be ordered at least 5 days in advance.

As food costs are constantly changing, please send an e-mail request, including your address, so a quote can be done for platters and for delivery.

 All platters serve between 10 -12 people.

The Platters are not restricted, we can provide a quotation on any combination of the platters we have on offer, or for something completely different which you may have in mind.

Seafood Platter

Fish kebabs, calamari, prawns and crumbed fish served with either tartare or a sweet and sour sauce

Savoury Platter

Meatballs, chicken wings, cocktail sausages and chicken kebabs

Cold Meat Platter

A selection of cold meats

Sandwich Platter

A variety of sandwiches with tasty fillings served on either white, brown  or a mixture of both breads; Cheese and Tomato, Ham and Mustard, Egg Mayonnaise and Tuna Mayonnaise

Pie Platter

A tasty variety of mini pies such as Cornish, Chicken Mushroom, Spinach and Feta and Cheese and Ham

Chicken Platter

A selection of grilled and deep fried chicken pieces served with BBQ dip

Sushi Platter

A selection of fish and vegetarian sushi served with gari ginger, soya sauce and wasabi

Cold Meat & Cheese Platter

A spread of fine cheeses and cold meats, garnished with fresh garden vegetables

Open Sandwich Platter

Seed or Rye bread open sandwiches with a variety of tasty toppings

Vegetarian Platter

Crumbed Mushrooms, vegetable kebabs, spinach parcels and corn on the cob

Breakfast Platter

A selection of beef and pork sausages, bacon & egg pies and cheese scones

Snack Platter

A selection of cocktail sausage rolls, samoosas, mini pizza and quiches

Meze Platter

Pita bread, falafels, olives, feta cheese and Greek meatballs served with humus, taramasalata and tsatsiki dips

Gravy Boat Platter

Potato wedges and slices of rare beef on fresh french loaf, served with a rich gravy dipping sauce

Sweet Platter

A decadant selection of any combination of four of the options we have available;

Lemon meringue tartlets, koeksisters, mini chocolate eclairs, biscotti cheese cake, cream corns, panne chocolat, mini milktarts, apple turnovers, pecan tartlets or meringues

Muffin Platter

A delicious combination of both sweet and savoury muffins served with butter and assorted jams

Fruit Platter

Slices or cubes of fresh fruits in season with a yoghurt dip or whipped cream.

Traditional South African Platter

South African favourites, corn on the cob, crumbed chicken livers peri-peri, boerewors pieces and vetkoek filled with savoury mince, served with a chakalaka dip

Crudite Platter

A colourful medley of fresh crispy vegetables, baby tomatoes, celery sticks, carrot sticks, mushrooms, cucumber strips,dip

Cheese and Biscuit Platter

A luxurious selection of Brie, Cemembert, Baby Belle, Cheddar, Sweetmilk and Belle Paese accompanied by a variety of savory biscuits

Sausage Platter

Variety of cocktail and sliced sausages served with a mustard dip

Pate and Biscuit Platter

Chicken Liver Pate and salmon mousse served with an assortment of breads and savoury biscuits

Fast Food Platter

A feast of mini hot dogs, chicken burgers, beef burgers and prego rolls